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Print Ad Design vs Digital Ad Design​

Print Ad Design vs Digital Ad Design The most common mistake when starting in digital advertising is using or uploading a previous or current printed copy. There are two major differences between digital and printed advertising that will affect the end result, how the ad size is measured and how the colour is processed. Difference [...]

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Claim your Free Ad Upgrade

Claim your Free Ad Upgrade Free ad size upgrades are up for grabs from now until 30 July 2021! Want yours?  As a business, we know and understand the importance of marketing and advertising. We also know that if you don't spend the majority of that budget before 30 June, your budget is adjusted and [...]

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Why Not Animate?

Why Not Animate? "Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive" - Walt Disney Bring attention to your advertisement with animation.  Last year we discussed the necessity to stand out from the rest. It was all about understanding your point of difference in a sea of advertisers selling and marketing the same thing [...]

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Measure your Leads

Measure your Leads Once you've created and launched your ad campaign, do you track where your sales are coming from to see if it's working? If not, why? The best way to measure if the money you've invested into any advertising campaign is to track its success. There are a few ways which you can do [...]

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Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience Understanding your audience, their needs and how your product or service fulfils those needs all play an important role in campaign design. Only you know who your perfect target audience is. If your product targets families, parents and their children then you're probably not going to spend your money advertising in the [...]

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Keep Text to a Minimum

Keep Text to a Minimum Keep your message clear and concise in all your advertising. These are our simple guidelines for consideration when planning your advertisement's message and content.  Avoid Too Many Words. An advertisement that contains too many words looks untidy and unfriendly to the eye. Have you ever seen an ad that looks [...]

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Branding vs Focused Advertising

Branding vs Focused Advertising It's important to understand the difference between brand based advertising and focused advertising when booking a campaign. Here are our recommendations: What is 'brand based' advertising? It is exactly as it sounds; a form of advertising that is designed to build and establish a connection with your target audience over an [...]

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Time to Declutter

It's Time to Declutter! It's the start of a new year and what better way to start then decluttering...your advertisements! It's important to keep all your advertising Clean and Uncluttered.  You're back to work and ready to plan for a year ahead so there's no better time than to start the new year fresh. That [...]

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Christmas Message Marketing

Christmas Message Marketing Christmas is Here! Don't forget your Christmas Messages.  End of year closures and holidays deliver the perfect opportunity for you to send out personalised messages with a touch of marketing. What do you include? Open your message by thanking your clients for their support during the last year, including some wishes for [...]

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All Clients Matter; Stay in Touch!

All Clients Matter; Stay in Touch! "It takes months to find a customers...seconds to lose one" - Vince Lombardi Don't lose contact with your old clients. Don't lose contact with your new clients. Don't lose contact with any of your clients, it's really that simple.  At some point throughout your business's life, each one of [...]

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