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Know Your Audience

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Know Your Audience​

Understanding your audience, their needs and how your product or service fulfils those needs all play an important role in campaign design.

Only you know who your perfect target audience is. If your product targets families, parents and their children then you’re probably not going to spend your money advertising in the local senior’s magazine. If your product targets a much older demographic, you’re probably not going to use Snapchat or Instagram to target that type of audience.

Work out where you can directly target your preferred audience and invest, but invest wisely.

Throwing money around to every advertising opportunity that arises isn’t always going to give you the biggest return on investment. Plan in advance, understand the reach, the location of your advertisement, the length of your campaign and design accordingly. You must also be willing to monitor your own return on investment by understanding your own sales funnel and landing page statistics.

Your business and product can target more than one audience at a time but your campaigns need to be designed to speak directly to that relative audience as well. Use effective images, words and call to actions that encourage the correct audience to respond. Again, don’t refer the senior’s ad to Instagram, they won’t get it and if your competitor is more effective in grabbing their attention, you’ve lost business.

Hint: advertising direct via School Newsletters (printed or digital) guarantees your ad will be seen by household decision makers, mums, dads and the wider community. This is a perfect avenue for any business that can provide products or services to families, parents, children and business owners.

If you need assistance with planning your campaign or, targeting your audience or redesigning a current advertisement please call us or email us for a chat. Our team of professionals can help you achieve your goals and leads.

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