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It's Time to Declutter!​

It’s the start of a new year and what better way to start then decluttering…your advertisements!
It’s important to keep all your advertising Clean and Uncluttered. 

You’re back to work and ready to plan for a year ahead so there’s no better time than to start the new year fresh. That includes a fresh approach to your advertising campaigns, marketing and communication.

Advertising campaigns should always be designed and written specifically to the ad size or the campaign time frame. There is no point designing an ad that is suited to poster size to fit on a business card, you are literally wasting your time and money. The smaller the ad or the less time you have on the campaign, the less text or words should be used.

Clean, crisp, high-resolution images representing your brand or products are essential. 

Our Budget sized ads are a perfect example of this exercise. The budget sized ad represents a business card which includes imaging and basic contact details with a direct call to action like “click here”, but that’s it.

Quite often we see ads that contain too much text, and in some cases, text that is so small for the human eye to read. We will always provide our professional recommendation when designing clients ads but it’s important to understand we do it to ensure your campaign is successful and not a wasted investment.

Make the time to declutter your advertising, marketing and promotional material and see the success!

If you need further assistance with your ad design, branding or decluttering of your communication, feel free to call us or email us for a chat. Our design and advertising teams can help you achieve your goals and leads.

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