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Testimonials & Reviews: Promote Them!

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Testimonials & Reviews: Promote Them!​

Testimonials and Reviews are proof of ‘Word of Mouth’ Marketing.
If your clients are providing you with positive feedback, why not use them? 

Word of Mouth Marketing (also known as WOMM) is the purest form of free advertising and promotion and is usually triggered by a positive (and in some cases a negative) experience while working with or being serviced by your business. 

With everyone shifting to search online for their required products and services, testimonials and reviews can easily influence a shopper’s decision to book, purchase or close a deal with your business. This makes communicating the quality of your product, the success of working with your business or specific information much easier. 

How will they work in my favour? Testimonials and reviews will always outline your client’s and customer’s true feelings about your business (whether you like it or not). Real shoppers are providing real feedback that’s not manufactured and contains raw emotional information. They easily become worth their weight in gold if marketed correctly. 

How can I obtain this information? Many websites and apps have their own built-in product review or feedback widget. The most used are Facebook and Google reviews on their platforms or Product reviews through an online shopping portal. All you have to do is ask your clients to provide this information? 

How do I use them? Whether they’re positive or negative, this raw data can be used throughout your marketing strategies. You can include them in advertising campaign messages, raw data in your sales pitches, collection of information on an online product (could easily turn this into your top-selling product), featured on your social media pages and website. Even the negative ones can work in your favour, especially if you want your customers to understand a specific reason as to why you’re changing a product! 

If you need further assistance with using your testimonials and reviews in your ad campaigns or product branding, feel free to call us or email us for a chat. Our team can help you achieve your goals and leads. 

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