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Stay Connected with your Clients

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Stay Connected with your Clients​

When creating advertisements it’s important to remember how it will direct potential clients and customers to your product, service or online platform.
These are your call to action (CTA).

Digital advertising allows you to add direct links to your advertisement to create the lead to your sales funnel. When a customer clicks your ad by reacting to you your CTA they will go straight to the landing page of information you want them to see. It’s important this link and information are correct and up to date.

The worst thing that can happen to you when a customer clicks your link is that it’s broken (not correct or linked properly), the information on the landing page is outdated and your website or online platforms aren’t user friendly (they’re too complicated or too lengthy).

Accurate ad links and landing page information go hand in hand with sales process importance. There’s no point in adding links to your ads if you don’t intend on keeping your website and social media platforms updated.

Are you up to date? Can you stay connected to your ad without worry?

Here are a few things for you to check:

  • The link from your ad to your website is correct? When you click on your ad it takes you to the landing page or your preferred platform you want your clients to see.
  • Your ad is up to date with a clear call to action? Check to see if your ad gives guidance on how you want your clients to react.
  • Your landing page is up to date and contains accurate information? Click on your ad and see what appears. Is it what you want the client to see? Will it help the client answer your ad or purchase your product or service?

Don’t link your ad to these accounts if you don’t intend on using them or keeping them active. This will make your business look dormant and uninterested.

If you need further assistance with your ad design or branding, feel free to call us or email us for a chat. Our graphic designer can help you achieve your goals and leads. 

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