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Austnews, who are we?​

Austnews (short for Australian Newsletter Services) is a communication service schools use to connect with their families, students, staff and local community. 

Since 1978, Austnews has been an Australian family owned and operated business providing hundreds of schools across Australia, and now New Zealand, with newsletter templates, printing and stationery services.   With the ever changing world of technology our business model is continually evolving to provide schools with the latest technology and deliver a superior digital service known as ePublisher.

The Austnews team is comprised of dedicated professionals with a continued vision to innovate, design and build bespoke communication tools to maintain an open gateway between the school classroom and the family home. We are teachers, marketers, graphic designers, programmers and parents who understand the importance and value of communication and its role in education. 

Where does Austnews Advertising fit into all of this? 

Austnews supplies schools with newsletters and communication services for free, thanks to the small business, companies and large corporations who choose to advertise. The advertising fee these businesses pay covers the ongoing design, print, hosting and tech support costs required to keep these tools relevant and available. Some might even say their advertising is a form of sponsorship and ongoing community support for their local school. 

Over the past 42 years, we have seen several thousand Australian and International businesses advertise with Austnews to not only show their support but also reach their target audience in the most direct form possible – straight into their households and email addresses. 

Where to start? 

If you’re looking to support your local school or schools within your region get in touch with us. With a dedicated team of professional advertising consultants, your enquiry will be answered promptly. 

Not sure what you’re after? 

That’s ok, we can work with you to see what your best fit is. We offer a range of branding and campaign focused advertisement packages all inclusive of free graphic design services. Why not check out our current campaigns and promotions to help get you started? 

Want to know more?

Follow us on Facebook for the latest tips, schools, promotions and updates or view our websites listed below to help you better understand how Austnews Advertising can benefit your business and your school. 

We look forward to working with you!

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