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What Makes Effective Advertising?​

Quite often we stumble across a design request to fit a full A4 page of notes about the client’s business into an ad size that’s no bigger than a business card. This can’t be done! 
Here are our four Effective Advertising tips we provide all of our clients.

Less Text is Better! Regardless of the size of your ad keep your message simple and clear. Don’t overcomplicate it by adding unnecessary information. 

All you need to do is give the reader a reason to stop, read your ad and then act on your Call to Action (hint; we cover that below). Cramming too much information into a small space will make your ad appear messy, unimportant, and too tiny to even read. Your reader will scroll on past your ad and probably land with your competitors. 

Use your own high-quality Images! Having up to date, high-quality (designers refer to them as high-resolution) images that showcase your product is very important.  With the camera technology hosted within our phones and devices these days, it’s almost impossible to find a reason to not have photos of your business, services or products. 

Authentic, custom content will always give you a better result when designing your ad. Your competitor can’t use or “download” your images from an online stock catalogue which makes it harder to replicate your message and campaign. Remember, you cannot use any images you found on google or on another ad that you don’t hold the copyright for. 

Always use a Call to Action! A Call to Action (or a CTA) is a simple instruction that you would like a reader or client to do as a response to your advertising campaign. Some effective examples are “Book Online”; “Click for More Info”; “Free Online Quote”; and the list goes on.

With online advertising, CTA’s assist in monitoring campaign success through analytics, specific landing pages, online forms and the use of discount codes when finalising purchases. An ad without a CTA is considered a simple directory listing or online business card that provides little to no response or tracking capabilities.

Crisp & Clear Graphic Design! It’s very easy to fall into the trap of designing your own ads and branding necessities, especially with the increase in online design programs and software apps. It’s important to remember that your ad is often the first time someone is learning about your business. How would you like your business to appear? 

Crisp clear graphic design work will build your business while boosting your brand awareness and trust. There are plenty of options out there if your company doesn’t have its own graphic designer where you can put trust in their professionalism to get you the ad you need and want. If you’re designing with us, we’ve got one in house and your design is included in your ad campaign. 

If you need further assistance with your ad design or branding, feel free to call us or email us for a chat. Our graphic designer can help you achieve your goals and leads.

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