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Call to Action - You Need One!​

Wherever you advertise, whatever your message is, have a direct call to action and make it clear! 

If any of your past or current advertising has been unsuccessful or you’re not seeing the results to match your budget, there’s a good chance your call to action is blurry or doesn’t exist! 

Your first step when planning an ad campaign is knowing what you want your customer to do when they see your ad. Do you want them to book your service online; do you want them to download your free guide; do you want them to register their details for ongoing communication? Whatever it is, know it and understand how you’d like it to work.  

It’s quite a common occurrence to see ads being designed, printed or uploaded without any true indication of what the end goal for the business is. Meaning, there’s no call to action listed, it’s too small to read or there’s no clear direction for the customer to respond.  Basically, you just end up throwing a digital business card into cyberspace in the hope that a customer will pick it up and use or purchase your products. 
The best call to action (CTAs) is always the simplest. The favourites we like to use or recommend to our clients:
  • Book Online
  • Click Here
  • Download our Catalogue
  • Free Quote
  • Enter this Code at Checkout for Discount
  • Register Today
You can always combine a few CTAs for more clarity “Click here to Register Today”, “Register your Interest to Enrol your Child”, etc. These types of CTAs are easy to manage and easy for the customer to understand. 
What about tracking your CTAs? 

If you’re tech-savvy your website analytics will always give you a complete understanding of your website and platform activity. However, if you want something simple, create a specific landing page or form that opens only by clicking on a specific ad or campaign or offer a specific discount code to use at checkout. Each of these tools will give you overall guidance on the success rate of your ad. 

Remember, Call to Actions (CTAs) always form the starting point of your businesses sales funnel and conversation. If the lead isn’t there to start the conversation, how do you get the information you need from the customer to close the sale? You don’t!

Digital Call to Actions

We’ve touched on this in a previous blog on how to stay connected to your clients. Have a read and put our two advertising tips to use when creating your next ad campaign. You’ll notice a difference these two small steps will make to the success of your digital campaign. 

If you need further assistance with your ad design or branding, feel free to call us or email us for a chat. Our graphic designer can help you achieve your goals and leads. 

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